Monday, November 22, 2010

Overnight in bondage

I finally did something I have been considering literally for years: I spent the night in full bondage.

I used electrical tape to secure my ankles, toes, feet, knees, and thighs. Then I put a pair of (clean) panties in my mouth before securing it with five strips of duct tape. I used Gorilla Tape for the first piece which goes over my upper lip, which is where it always comes off most easily. Then I used regular duct tape for the rest as it isn't as painful to remove.

I slid a tank top over my arms, one of a few I got for just this purpose... very snug and very heavy fabric. It keeps my arms securely pinned to my body. Finally, I put on two terry cloth sweat bands on each wrist as padding before handcuffing my hands behind me with double-locking police-style cuffs.

Snuggling under the covers and getting comfortable was difficult and challenging, but I was able to do it. I slept fitfully, but I did sleep. I almost gave up a few times, but I was determined and eventually persevered. I had placed no fewer than four keys to the cuffs around the bed to be certain that I could get loose, and had not made them very tight. When I decided to get up, I released my wrists and hopped to the bathroom to pee, then ungagged myself and eventually cut my legs loose.

I was stiff and a bit sore, but had no lingering effects. IDK if I want to do this again by myself, but feel confident that I could do it with the right Dom, as it seems a popular fantasy. Spending the night, even a weekend, as a "prisoner" is a major, major fantasy of mine!

A long-time passion

For the record, I have been engaging in self-bondage since I was ten-years-old. I had my first orgasm in self bondage and continue to use it as a way to "get off."

Most of my bondage involves tying my legs, feet and toes. I can't really tie my upper body and arms securely, so I mostly pull on them, but could slip loose anytime I want. So my focus when I struggle is on my lower body, as it's *really* tied up. Oh, and the duct tape gag as well.

Having my feet in bondage, with my toes tied, is very appealing to me. As a barefooter, I associate deep feelings of power and energy with having my soles in contact with the earth. Having them tied is sort of like... well, a governer on an engine, or a cork in a bottle. It's very erotic and appealing to me in a way that is hard to describe. Essentially, having my feet, ankles, and toes tied is the main thing I find appealing, with other bondage simply an assit to that. I can't untie my toes if my arms are bound.

Oh, and gags are very appealing to me, especially the over-the-top duct tape ones. Trying to get them off without using your hands is a lot of fun!